About Dave Loew

Dave Loew Dave Loew is a classical genius and makes music unlike anyone else. He is a master of the cello. Dave Loew is an Australian cellist with a forty-year international career of performing in Australia, Great Britain, and many other countries, where his large album catalogue of recordings has sold in many hundreds of thousands. Dave is passionate about classical cello playing and having studied with one of the music world's most iconic teachers of cello, English cellist Christopher Bunting.

Dave's career has spanned a wide and diverse genre of music, from principal cello in major orchestras to soloist in live concerts, radio, and television. One of his highlights was being solo cellist for André Previn, the legendary composer, conductor, and pianist. Previn was one of the most versatile and respected musicians of the 20th century, and his collaborations with Dave Loew were a testament to the skill and artistry of both musicians.

More recently, Dave Loew has become an international book author, with his passionate memoir and biography "I Am Cellist" available now across the world via his website. In the book, he shares his experiences as a cellist and the lessons he has learned throughout his career. His writing is often described as poetic and evocative, and it is a testament to his creativity and talent. He has also begun a series of fiction novels inspired by his travels and experiences around the world.

Throughout his career, Dave Loew has worked with some of the most iconic figures in the world of music. One of his early influences was Raya Garbousova, a virtuoso cellist who gave him his first lessons on the cello. Garbousova was an accomplished performer who was renowned for her expressive and passionate playing style. Her influence can be seen in Dave Loew's music to this day.

Dave's career has taken him on numerous musical journeys around the globe and onto London, where he joined the illustrious London Symphony Orchestra under André Previn and other ensembles, as well as playing for countless stars in the entertainment world. An early breakthrough into the cream of London's elite commercial recording session camps saw Dave playing for such iconic artists as Julie Andrews, the legendary Broadway performer who starred in classic musicals like "My Fair Lady" and "Mary Poppins"; Barbra Streisand, the legendary singer and actress who has sold over 150 million records worldwide; Michael Crawford, the Tony Award-winning performer who originated the title role in "The Phantom of the Opera"; Sarah Brightman, the British singer, actress, and dancer who is known for her powerful vocals and classical crossover style; and Elaine Page, the British actress and singer who is best known for her roles in musical theatre.

Dave has also worked with some of the most iconic composers in film and television, including John Williams, the legendary composer behind some of the most famous scores in movie history, including the "Star Wars" series and "Jurassic Park"; Henry Mancini, the composer who wrote the iconic theme song for "The Pink Panther"; and Jerry Goldsmith, the Oscar-winning composer who wrote the scores for such classic films as "Planet of the Apes" and "Chinatown."

Dave has also played for numerous pop legends, including Mike Oldfield, the British multi-instrumentalist who is best known for his album "Tubular Bells"; Cliff Richard, the British singer, actor, and philanthropist who has sold over 250 million records worldwide; Leo Sayer, the British singer-songwriter who is known for his hit songs like "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" and "When I Need You"; and Sting, the British singer-songwriter and bassist who is known for his work with the band The Police. Dave's musical prowess of course extended beyond pop music, as he had the honor of playing for great classical figures such as Luciano Pavarotti, Joan Sutherland, and Montserrat Caballe.

In late 2022, Dave joined the Blue Pie Records artist roster, and his extensive catalog of work continues to be distributed worldwide. Through his music and his writing, Dave Loew has left an indelible mark on the world of classical music and continues to inspire new generations of musicians and music lovers alike.